The Underrated Uses of Computer Mouse

People across the globe use computers for various purposes. Some of us use them simply to kill the time by watching movies and TV Shows and some of us use computers for the professional and work agenda.

Whatever are the intentions, the bottom line here is, computers are used worldwide and every private household owns a computer machine. They are useful and important. Especially in Covid-19 times, millions of students use them for educational reasons and millions of adults use them for the ‘work from home’ purpose.

Check Out These 4 Computer-Mouse Drills

Since we’re excessively using these wonderful machines, and it is perspicuous that we will be using them for a longer time period as well, we should move forward in a direction of knowing, understanding, and using computers in a better and faster manner. And in order to do that, we must know how to use the computer mouse. And thus, we present you with some unknown but useful tips.

CPS Tester

Each one of us, that operates with a computer has knowledge regarding single clicks and double clicks. It is basic yet very important to get the work done in a lesser time period. If you’re willing to increase your clicking speed, you should try the mouse clicking test. It is a game that counts your clicks per second(s). And as you get a hang of it, your speed will increase and you’ll get better and faster. That will eventually be helpful in your professional work. You can take this CPS Test online on various platforms and get better with the use of a computer mouse.

The Shift Key

Generally, the Shift key is on the top bottom corner of the keyboard and is used many times while working on the computer. The place of the shift key is convenient for your fingers. And if you coordinate that with your mouse clicking habits, your regular computer work will be made a lot easier than before. For instance, Hold the shift key and click with the help of the mouse, and the whole or the portion of the paragraph will be highlighted easily and instantly. It is a very useful tip if you work on web pages or long website content editing on a regular level.


The Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel is located between the left and the right clicks. It is generally used to scroll up and down in a document or a web page. However, you can use it more creatively as well. Just press the scroll wheel and move the mouse up or down, whatever your purpose is. The document will be scrolled up and down at a certain pace. This can help when you want an overview of the document, not too fast and not too slow. The scroll wheel should be used more often to fetch a required speed.

Many people use computers as a part of their jobs, and if they know some of the tricks, their work can be finished in a lesser period of time. So, know the computer-mouse better, it will be beneficial to you!

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