What’s The Right Way To Wear A Faja Colombiana?

Colombian shapewear girdles have become very wide-spread in recent days as they have adapted themselves as sophisticated and modern garments of underwear, worn by popular celebrities, even by housewives now.

This shapewear has become an essential member of women’s closet and is even in the wardrobe of many men for their ease of use, their discretion under outfits, and for the remarkable improvement in the body image that they can attain; every day more and more people are interested in wearing them.

And when you purchase fajas colombianas online, it is okay to be a little worried: how to put it on, how it will fit, and how you will feel when you wear it, are only some doubts that might frustrate you.

Aforesaid, it is okay, and there is only one way to set them aside: Putting your everyday use faja colombiana on!

How To Put On A Faja Colombiana?

So if you are trying on a faja for the first time, don’t worry… we’ve got you covered. Trying to figure out by yourself is not an easy task sometimes, considering some people can feel comfortable, while others may not.

Keep reading to find out useful tips on how to put on a faja colombiana easily.

Consider this as a basic guide, and not as a set of rules.

1. Prepare Your Skin

Make sure your skin is clean and dry to avoid the faja sticking to it while putting it on.

2. Initial Steps

There are basically two ways of starting and you can do both either while sitting or standing:

One: Turn your faja inside out and then put one leg on each leg of the garment.

Two: Take one leg of the faja and roll it up, just like the way you do a pantyhose, and gently put your right leg on the right hole, repeat the same with the left leg.


3. Pulling The Faja Up

Hold your faja from the top of the legs and pull it up till it sits easily on your thighs. After that, pull your faja till it reaches your waist.

4. Setting The Straps

Take the faja straps and adjust them to your shoulders. In case your faja does not have straps, pull the faja till it’s comfortably adjusted to your torso.

5. Fastening The Faja

To start fastening the faja, pull the sides of it from the back to your belly button as much as possible.

If the faja has a zipper, then make sure your skin is out of the way before fastening to avoid pinching.

6. Wear Proper Underwear

Make sure you wear comfortable and breathable underwear to prevent infections and overheating your body the entire day and to be able to use your faja for longer before needing to wash it.


Finally, enjoy your new dreamy silhouette with your everyday use faja and make sure you have more than one, so you can use them every day without having to worry about not having a spare one for the other day.

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