What To Wear After Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction is a powerful surgery that can help you get rid of unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and daily exercise. So if you are planning to have liposuction surgery to eliminate fat and show off your gorgeous body then you are on the right track because that is what liposuction can help you get right away.

But no liposuction surgery would be successful without dealing with a proper recovery process.

And as compression is the key component of the liposuction recovery process, compression garments like fajas colombianas are one of the best things that you can wear after surgery to shape for a sleeker figure that you are so hoping to attain.

These garments are made manufactured from strong synthetic fabrics such as nylon and lycra, that stretch and exert pressure on the body which encourages healing. Furthermore, they are made in many different shapes and styles so that a wide range of people can easily wear them.

But Why Are Compression Garments Important?

It is recommended to wear compression garments after liposuction surgery for several reasons related to attaining a comfortable recovery and best results.

Reduces Swelling

Compression garments are great for preventing any swelling on the body during the recovery process. The swelling occurs due to excess build-up and accumulation of natural fluids during the recovery phase which becomes trapped and leads to swelling which can last for many days.

Wearing a compression garment can avoid the swelling by applying even pressure on the treatment area and helping your body take in any fluid that does gather up.

Prevents Bruising

Bruising can be expected after liposuction surgery and its severity and longevity will differ from patient to patient, but it can be prevented by wearing compressing garments like fajas colombianas.

The bruises can occur due to trauma to blood vessels, as the blood vessels are injured, the blood goes into the surrounding tissue and discolors the skin.

So by wearing a compression garment, the constant pressure will help cease the bleeding and prevents moving it towards the skin’s surface to decrease the chances of bruising appearance.

Shaping The Final Results

And most importantly, wearing a compressing garment can enhance the outline of the treatment area and helping you achieve the best liposuction results possible. Furthermore, they make your body adapt to its new shaped & reducing the chances of wrinkled skin appearance.

All of this can mean smoother & more attractive liposuction results. Moreover, some patients find that wearing fajas colombianas also improves their posture which leads to easy movement after a body contouring process.

And ultimately, for utmost effectiveness, your compression garment must fit snugly but not be overly restrictive or uncomfortable. And it should cover the full treated area. In the end, you can always talk with your surgeon or doctor about the sizing charts before making any purchases.


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